Praxis Dr. med. Al-Khalaf – you need any help? We are there for you.

If you are suffering from a neurological disorder, discomfort or pain, your care is in the very best of hands with me.

An assessment of your health and condition will be undertaken using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology in combination with skilled professional expertise.

Allow me to provide you with comprehensive and experience-grounded consultation particularly if non-operational procedures you have tried have failed to alleviate your pain to date.

Alongside established and traditional methods of treatment I also make available new, cutting edge procedures to ensure my patients receive the very best of modern neurological care. Many of our procedures are able to be conducted under local anaesthetic, removing the need for unnecessary and all to often used general anaesthetic.

Alongside these techniques great care is taken to employ the least invasive means of treatment including key-hole surgery using endoscopic technology around the area of the spine. I introduced this methods in 2002 / 2012 in our regional clinics.