Overview of our services

Dr. Baschar Al-Khalaf has been shaping the field of neurosurgery as a spine specialist and pain therapist for chronic backpain for years. He is certified by the German Spine Society and by the German Society for Neurosurgery. Under his lead management, several regional hospitals have adopted neurosurgical in-patient-wards. 

His focus in the treatment of spin-related issues lie in the complex fields of treatment concerned with the cervical spine and the lumbar spine.

The overall concept of his practices in Kempten, Memmingen and Immenstadt is based on modern diagnostics and a very broad spectrum of established and innovative treatment methods in the areas of pain therapy and  microsurgery.

Dr Al-Khalaf´s  practical concept  located in Kempten and Memmingen is based on a wide treatment spectrum composed of a therapeutic approach for backpain relieve as well as microsurgical, minimally invasive operations of the spine.

The princple of his work is to exhaust all the non-operative and non-invasive treatment methods first, and to consider an operative treatment only when conservative methods fail to bring the patients the desired pain relieve. Only then will an operation be considered.

Should an operation become necessary, Dr. Al-Khalaf trusts the so called „key hole surgery“. This is a title for gentle, microsurgically or endoscopically performed, minimally-invasive Methods used in operations. 

Dr. Med. Al-Khalaf is a certified pain therapist, approved by both the German Society for Neurosurgery and the German Neurosurgical Academy.