Comprehensive diagnostics of spine disorders

The scheme of my practice is purposeful and based on a comprehensive diagnosis. On the first place is the case history and the clinical neurosurgical examination. Often are many examinations completed before you come to my private practice for neurosurgery. On these results we can build futher on. Therefore, we would like to ask you to bring the following documents and medical reports with you for your appointment:

X-ray/CT (Computertomographie)- or MRI- Images

Current plan for medications

Any illness - related doctorreports (e.g.electrophysiological as well as laboratory examinations reports from neurologists and orthopaedist)

An overview of any illnesses from you general doctor

Should there be no apparative diagnostics available, we offer these in our Clinic or they can by provided by our partners. Our Clinic is equipped with modern machines and offers excellent conditions in order for differential diagnostics to be established.

Our technical equipment includes not only x-ray and ultrasonic machine but also an opened MRI machine. Thereby, you will be provided with a complete diagnostics within a single day, without having to visit many individual Clinics or even having to change the floor. Moreover, I provide my patients in northen Allgäu with regular consultations diectly in the Clinic located in Memmingen.

You are very welcome to contact us via telephone for further meetings and information.


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